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Absolute Sound’s Product of the Year Award:

the Funk Firm Flamenca will have you dancing with joy
for under $1500 ($900 sans F6 tonearm).

Spencer Holbert - Absolute Sounds

HiFi World’s “Best Turntable” Award


Little Super Deck


Departures from convention are obvious:
Flamenca is peripherally belt driven, so where’s the belt?
- Typical of Funk?
The new arm is called F6. It looks cute but there is more to it...

SL1200 owners:
1200 now sports a totally new platter technology called Strata.
Briefly, Strata is thin in section, weighty, rigid and very dead.

1200’s performance is enhanced more than ever.
Also developed is a new sapphire bearing for Techie.
Called Strata, check it out in our Technics section.

Evolved on the back of our ongoing development program,
Vector and Saffire see significant upgrades.

Both now have new Strata based platters.
The platter’s extra weight is supported by re-designed new bearings.
New electronics deal with the altered inertia.
The result of all this work?
Whilst retaining Funk’s legendary ethereal quality,
both now have more Gravitas, grunt but it is very clean.

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This site is under ongoing construction.

Black : Terracotta_xl

Little Super Deck


Welcome to The Funk Firm

From day one, above all else Funk has set its store by being true to where it all started “High Fidelity”. It should therefore come as no surprise then that Funk only releases product after considerable effort designing and developing, testing, changing and ultimately listening.

As such and to date, this has resulted in every product carrying our name always being received to critical acclaim.

A case in point is
Saffire and FXR, not only individually but also in combination:
2012: Denver’s now famous Audiofest.
There, in a setting of some 200 rooms, systems costing upwards of $400,000 vied for reviewers’ attention and acclaim.
Our room, quite modest by comparison, was reviewed thus:

“...this was the first and only room to sound lifelike”

With our internal standards set high, could any greater praise ever be offered?
Still, we recognised that to many of you out there, even
Saffire is beyond reach. So it was then that Denver was chosen to formally release our latest creation, Little Super Deck.

Little Super Deck
is unquestionably modestly priced but the fact remains that it has been the subject of a considerable R&D program to bring Funk’s standards to the more budget conscious end of the market.
Achieving this, we discovered, was no easy feat but we are now delighted.
What would the rest of the world think about our new addition?

It has already reviewed very highly in two, premier German magazines.
We’ve had to wait till April 2013 for its first UK review in HiFi World.

Rather then start with our best foot forward, always the easy option, how about we go to the conclusion, to the “Against”s where you will find this simple comment:

“None at this price”

So, what is left? If you guessed: “Quite a few positives” you’d be right.
More remarkable, we would add, are the technical measurements, which are exemplary at any price but then come to be seen as nothing short of staggering at the asking price.
These go a long way to explaining just why the turntable is making friends so quickly and underpinning quite why
Little Super Deck is so good.
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Our Goal is faultless Transcription.
Records are cut from an original tape Master.
This is the absolute reference to which we defer when evaluating our product.
No other manufacturer mentions this.

Enter, Explore and Enjoy the world of "The Funk Firm".

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Mobiles these days are ubiquitous and so the landline number has now been relegated simply to taking messages.
It is not monitored and you will not get a reply 99% of the time.
To speak to someone directly, please use the following mobile number: 07846 798367
If you are happy for us to call you back then by all means leave your number on voicemail and we will get back to you.

The Funk Firm
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